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Repair, Refurbish, Repurpose, and

Our background in the design, development, manufacture and recycling of lithium Ion batteries has given NOWOS an unparalleled knowledge in how to refurbish, repurpose and recycle batteries more efficiently in order to minimise the waste. Therefore, we want to give our knowledge and expertise back to the industry and we believe the effective refurbishment and recycling of used lithium batteries is a more sustainable solution than mining for raw materials.

Repair, Refurbish, Repurpose

We support our environment by making the best use of lithium-ion batteries. Indeed, by repairing, refurbishing and repurposing, we enable the development of a true circular economy for lithium-ion batteries.


We provide advice, support and services to producers and distributors of batteries and accumulators to comply with European battery legislation (CE, UN38.3) and the Extended Producers Responsibility.

NOWOS repairs & refurbishes in 3 steps:



We perform a first check on several points:

✓ The general condition of the battery 

✓ The repairability

✓ The cost of the repair service per defect

✓ What repairs are economically feasible

✓ Estimate the recycling cost of the parts that can not be reused or repaired.



Repair service

✓ We repair your defective and EOL batteries.

✓ We provide a statistic analysis and report of the defects and repairs required.



✓ Traces repaired batteries and used components

✓ Analyses the life time of the second life batteries

✓ Offers a recyclers market place with traceability to recycle in an ECO friendly way parts that can not be used for second life.

Next to our repair & refurbishment service, we also provide:

Repurpose service

The end of life of a product does not mean it can’t be used again. For example an EV battery that can not meet the requirements to be used in a car is suitable in many cases to be repurposed for residential energy storage. Together with our partners, we are looking for a second life solution.

If a product can not be repaired, refurbished or repurposed, we dismantle and sort it. The components that are suitable can start a second life on a refurbished battery or even a new product. The components that can not be re-used, will be sent for recycling in order to reclaim raw materials in an eco-friendly way so it can be used in new products.  

In this way, we keep the waste to a minimum!

Through our in-depth knowledge and experience of the (Lithium-Ion) batteries industry,
NOWOS can offer unparalleled understanding and access to batteries of varying chemistries and types.

NOWOS and Compliance

Advice, support and services

The additional waste management legislation in Europe aims to improve and transform the sustainable material management. In order to make the economy truly circular, the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) principle has been introduced with specific additional measures for producers/importers of batteries and accumulators on top of the EU Battery Directive.

To comply with the EPR principle and the EU Battery Directive, NOWOS advices and supports the producers/importers of batteries. In addition, we support you on the CE and UN38.3 certifications.

Do you want more details about our compliance services? Feel free to contact us!

To comply with the EPR principle and the EU Battery Directive, NOWOS
advices and supports the producers/importers of batteries with:

  1. The organization of a suitable collection network for batteries to fulfill the minimum collection and recycling targets;
  2. The required information to the consumers and end users about their role in achieving a circular economy;
  3. The implementation of the financial and organizational responsibility for the whole life cycle of their products;
  4. The introduction of an adequate monitoring and enforcement framework;
  5. The fulfillment of the annual mandatory reporting requirements.


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Our story

With the global population predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2030 the circular economy is here to stay. We are using more resources than the planet can provide, and our future depends on reusing what we have in a sustainable way. One way is to develop ingenious ways to Refurbish, Repurpose, Recycling batteries.

We aim to make the circular economy a reality by providing solutions for all types of battery chemistries, tailored to your needs. We can draw specifically on our extensive knowledge and expertise of lithium and portable batteries to handle even the most challenging materials and future new chemistries.

NOWOS works in partnership with strategically located partners and battery manufacturers, making its services a straight forward choice for companies in Europe.

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