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2. Introduction Eveline van Dusseldorp

Introducing the NOWOS business model

Don’t you agree that – in general – organizations are the most uninspiring places to spend your time? I felt like that for a long time. I mostly hated it, working in an organization. Couldn’t believe people would do something like that until they turned 70. To get up everyday and get to this place in which nothing felt truly real, passionate, or flowing.

I thought for a while I found my own solution for this problem when I became a management consultant. Inspiring projects and colleagues, fast pace, lots of change. Loved it. Until I found myself over and over again in workshops with people whose inner flames just seemed to be extinguished completely. It didn’t matter what kind of industry or organization it was, whether it was profit or non-profit, national or multinational. The bureaucracy and organizational dynamics in the ‘normal business paradigm’ seemed to win from inspiration, purpose and drive every time. This is no way to live right?

That’s when I decided to quit this whole game. I started shedding all those beliefs and conditioning on how organizations should be run. Instead of focusing on how to organize the organization, I brought my focus back to the person: what do you want? What do you need to thrive? Instead of focusing on the outside: strategies, business processes, customer journeys etc. I started focusing on the inside: does it feel right? What wants to happen? What needs to transform to make that happen? Luckily, I found many like-minded people and organizations along the way, all experimenting and looking for the same answer: how to create a new kind of business paradigm that feels more ‘right’. A business paradigm that focuses not only on profit, but even more importantly on our planet and the desires of a new generation of passionate people?

That’s when co-founder Prins and I crossed paths. How cool, to find an entrepreneur that has the guts to do it differently right from the start. That had not only the same vision, but also dared to be truly ambitious about this. Together we created a new kind of business paradigm for NOWOS. Thanks to all those organizations, entrepreneurs and visionaries that went before us and shared their learnings and experiments with us. We call it ManaCracy.

NOWOS is really one of a kind. Yes, we use a model and best practices, but even more importantly we intent to remain awake and open; organizing to enhance change, transformation and personal growth instead of resisting it. 

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